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Our onsite structure also requires a strong knowledge for various repairs of specific hardware. This requires capable individuals who can not only repair computers…

..but also repair devices and the ever growing gadgets associated to businesses. iPad Repairs, iPhone Repairs & Smartphones Repairs, Tablet Repairs & Broken screen replacements are all services we can offer in-house, at our base in Malta, without the need to outsource. This results in a quick turnaround time repair whilst also offering on the spot repairs for the most common broken screen issues.

– Apple iPad Repair & Tablet Repairs – 

Tablets get knocked around, this is a fact. Being such a portable and convenient device, iPads need to be repaired at times. The drawback is that these devices take time to fix and more often than not, the cost associated with the repair of an iPad is relatively high. Our iPad Repair service in Malta has grown to be our most popular service for all businesses because we repair them, in-house, in 24hours max, at the most affordable prices on the island.

– Apple iPhone Repair & Smartphone Repairs –

Most of the iPhone repairs and Samsung Screen repairs we deal with are repaired in an hour. This means that you can literally wait for your device to be repaired on the spot. We realize the link between connectivity and business would halt without your smartphone so we act on urgency and repair your phone as quickly as possible. We receive iphones for repairs from all Malta & Gozo from various companies and also offer our services to mobile shops and larger companies for sub-contracting.

– Laptop Repairs & Computer Repairs – All Brands –

With prices decreasing for Laptops you may be forgiven for thinking that it would not be worth repairing an aging unit. Whilst cheaper or older laptop repairs would not be economically worth it, the high end or more expensive laptops still need to be repaired and maintained. Our goal is to satisfy the need for a repair, rather than replacement, since most of the common issues for a successful fix are generally much more economical than one would expect.

– Liquid Damage Repairs on Electronic Devices –

Power it OFF and do not use it. That is our first and most important tip when something like this happens. Liquid damage is common and we are equipped with the right machinery to save your device. Act quick and bring your liquid damaged device to us as quickly as possible since the success rate of this treatment is solely dependent on expert handling and top urgent attention.

Other back to base repair services include Data Recovery, Server upgrades (Mac or Windows based) and TFT Screen repairs.