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We believe that the right Hardware Consultancy for each company is highly dependent on the type of market they are in. Our interest is not in the price of the item alone because sometimes ‘less is more’.

This is why our approach to this critical area of the business is holistic to the company as a whole.

For example, your sales staff may require a less powerful computer than your accountant.

Or might they be better off with a Tablet rather than a desktop PC..

Would it make more sense to have their emails also directed to their mobile phones to make sure nothing is missed and replied to instantaneously? 

Maybe you have reached a stage of growth in your business and your server cannot match this growth to seamlessly handle the extra resources?

Could it be that your Data needs to be backed up or checked? Or some of your old Data, needs to be cleaned out and confidential ‘older’ data is still there increasing the risk of Security flaws?

We can continue raising an endless list of examples and that is our focal point here – Your company needs to tailor your I.T. infrastructure to match your needs individually not as a ‘group’ or a ‘batch’ or ‘just another client’ 

That is the only way our Consultancy and Project Auditing Management works…. 

Individual focus – Customized support – Eye opening advice