Welcome to ITServe

Specialising in Corporate On-Site I.T. Support, networking and hardware repairs and offering personalized I.T. related packages, prioritized I.T Support and professional computer maintenance services.

ITServe is a modest business offering all the professional support required for small and medium sized companies. In a nutshell we offer an all-in-one solution for your company’s I.T needs including hardware repairs, on-site servicing, hardware supply, setup and consultation together with web presence, SEO marketing tools & all the software support that any company would need.

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Our clientele has grown with us. Through the years of offering all the on-site and security services our clients need, we also started offering services that they asked us for. Search Engine Optimisation is one of them.

We believe that the right Hardware Consultancy for each company is highly dependent on the type of market they are in. Our interest is not in the price of the item alone because sometimes 'less is more'.

Whether your company requires a minimum amount of I.T Support or round-the-clock tailor made packages to suit your I.T budget, we are capable of offering a reliable and cost-efficient service.

Our onsite structure also requires a strong knowledge for various repairs of specific hardware. This requires capable individuals who can not only repair computers...